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How to Get and Use Monopoly Go Wild Stickers

monopoly go·March 31, 2024

The Monopoly Go Wild Sticker has the unique ability to transform into any other sticker. This exceptional feature proves incredibly beneficial for acquiring missing stickers and completing your sticker set or album.

In this article, we delve into the details of the Wild Sticker. We address questions such as its nature, acquisition method, utilization, and more.

What are the versatile stickers in Monopoly Go?

The Wild Sticker is an immensely valuable reward, distinguished by a crystal adorned with a question mark. This crystal possesses the unique ability to transform into any other sticker.

Functioning akin to a wild card, the Wild Sticker enables players to obtain any desired sticker necessary for completing their sticker album within the game.

How to Get Wild Stickers in Monopoly Go?

You can get more Wild Stickers during special events in Monopoly Go or as final rewards from the vault.

1. Golden Vault:

The Pink Vault has now transformed into the Golden Vault, requiring 1000 stars for access and refreshing every 24 hours. This upgraded Vault presents rewards such as:

  • 400-550 dice rolls
  • Blue Sticker Pack (guaranteeing 1 4-star sticker)
  • Purple Sticker Pack (guaranteeing 1 5-star sticker)
  • Wild Sticker card.

2. Special events

You have the opportunity to earn Wild stickers as rewards by participating in special game events.

Engaging in events grants you access to rewards such as money, dice rolls, and Wild Stickers. While these rewards are valuable, they require diligent effort to obtain.

To enhance your likelihood of acquiring a Wild Sticker, it's crucial to actively participate in events, achieve milestones, and strive for excellence.

3. The first free wild stickers

In the initial rollout of the Wild Stickers update, upon starting the game, players are greeted with a brief video and tutorial introducing the concept of stickers. Following this, players receive one complimentary sticker.

How to Use Wild Stickers in Monopoly Go?

To utilize a Wild Sticker in Monopoly Go:

  1. Acquire a Wild Sticker: Initially, obtain a Wild Sticker through various means such as rewards, special events, or other in-game mechanisms.
  2. Review Missing Stickers: Next, review the list of missing stickers within the current album to identify the stickers you need to complete your collection.
  3. Select a Missing Sticker: From the list of missing stickers, choose one that you require for your collection.
  4. Redeem the Selected Sticker: Upon selection, you will promptly receive a copy of the chosen sticker, courtesy of the Wild Sticker's versatile ability to transform into any needed sticker.


Can a Wild Sticker be transformed into a Gold Sticker or any other stickers? – Yes

Is it possible to reverse my selection after confirming my choice while using a Wild Sticker? – No

Can I save and use a Wild Sticker at a later time? – No(Wild Stickers must be used as soon as earned)