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Monopoly Go Tips and Tricks (Best Strategie Guide)

monopoly go·March 30, 2024

Monopoly Go delivers an exceptional board game adventure, offering features like dice rolling, structure construction, theft, attacks, card set completions, and more.

Engaging deeply in the game allows you to evolve into a skilled tycoon player.

To optimize your gameplay, consider implementing various best practices, tips, and tricks tailored specifically for Monopoly Go.

These strategies will accelerate your progress, streamline your gameplay, facilitate efficient leveling, and ultimately lead to gratifying outcomes.

Here are some Monopoly Go tips and tricks aimed at enhancing your overall gaming experience, enabling you to progress swiftly, simplify gameplay, level up efficiently, and earn rewarding prizes.

Monopoly Go tips and tricks:

1. Get free gifts from the store every day

In the in-game shop of Monopoly Go, players have the chance to claim a complimentary gift box every 8 hours. This gift box contains an assortment of items, including rolls, sticker packs, event tokens, and other complimentary gifts.

To find the free gift box within the shop, navigate to the shop screen from the main menu. Then, slide the top package slider and open the gift box to claim your rewards.

2. Collect dices through daily free dice links

Monopoly Go regularly shares free dice links on its social media channels, including the Facebook page, Instagram status, and Discord channel.

By accessing these dice links, players can acquire free dice rolls within the game. Occasionally, the game also distributes event token links.

For further details on accessing and utilizing these dice links, refer to the dedicated post titled Monopoly Go Free Dice Links.

3. Get free promotional package

On the left side of the Monopoly Go game interface, players will encounter a variety of promotional offers displayed vertically.

These promotions, such as the Endless offer and Endless bargain, are updated approximately every 1-2 days and encompass both free and paid offers.

It's recommended to periodically check for the availability of free promotional packs and claim them whenever they become accessible.

4. Open the game every day and collect daily rewards

Monopoly Go provides daily rewards through its Daily Treats feature, accessible by opening the game every day.

These rewards progressively increase in size from the first to the seventh day. Moreover, players who collect rewards for all seven days become eligible for grand rewards.

To benefit from this feature, players need only to open the game daily, even if they lack time to play actively. By doing so, they can accumulate daily treats and potentially earn more substantial rewards over time.

5. Invite friends to play together

In Monopoly Go, players have the option to invite friends to join and play the game alongside them. When a friend joins the game for the first time using your invite link, you receive free rolls as a reward.

Playing the game with friends proves beneficial during various Monopoly Go events. With the support of reliable friends, players can increase their chances of winning more prizes in these events.

6. Participate in events and tournaments

Participating in events and tournaments within Monopoly Go presents excellent opportunities to acquire incredible rewards.

During events, players can earn rewards by reaching specific milestones and securing victory. Conversely, in tournaments, rewards are granted based on both milestones and players' ranks.

It is advisable to conserve your dice for events and tournaments as it enables you to amass a larger number of rewards compared to regular gameplay. By strategically allocating your resources, you can optimize your chances of success and maximize your rewards in these competitive settings.

7. Earn income from rental properties and homes

Strategically placing rental properties and homes on the Monopoly Go board can significantly boost your income.

Each time you or another player lands on these properties, they generate a substantial amount of money. By acquiring more properties, you can increase your rental income and overall net worth over time.

Effectively managing your property portfolio and expanding it strategically can lead to significant financial gains throughout the game.

8. Use shields wisely

Your Landmarks in Monopoly Go are shielded from attacks by other players through automatic protection provided by Shields.

Shields are randomly placed on various Property Tiles throughout the game board, and you can acquire one by landing on a tile with a Shield symbol.

To safeguard your Landmarks effectively, it's recommended to maintain a stock of three Shields before concluding your gameplay session. This precautionary measure ensures that you are adequately protected against potential attacks from other players.

In conclusion, the list of tips and tricks for Monopoly Go provided here is not exhaustive. Our collection of advice and techniques for the game is continually evolving as we strive to incorporate the latest strategies and best practices.

We encourage you to stay connected with us and continue enhancing your understanding of the game by both playing it regularly and reading high-quality game guides.

By staying engaged with Monopoly Go and remaining open to new strategies, you can improve your gameplay experience and increase your chances of success in the game.