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How to Get Stickers on Monopoly Go? (12 Best Ways)

monopoly go·March 30, 2024

This guide provides information on how to get stickers in Monopoly Go. It lists 12 ways to get stickers, as well as the answer to the question of how to get gold stickers in Monopoly Go.

How to get stickers on Monopoly Go

There are many ways to get stickers, here is a list of ways to get stickers on Monopoly Go:

1. Daily food

Log in to Monopoly Go every day to claim daily rewards, which sometimes include sticker card packs as rewards.

2. Free gifts in the store

There are free gifts in the store, which refresh every 8 hours. To get them, check out the in-game store feature. Sometimes, you even get free sticker packs.

3. Promotional gift packs

When you open the game, you'll encounter various promotional offer packs. Some of these packs include complimentary items that you can claim for free. These items may include dice, sticker packs, and other freebies.

4. Participate in competitions

The tournament milestone rewards are fantastic! By participating in tournaments and achieving higher ranks, you can earn free sticker card packs and more exciting rewards.

5. Milestone events

Milestone events offer an excellent opportunity to earn free rewards such as stickers. These events occur regularly, allowing you to participate by landing on specific tiles on the board.

6. Complete quick wins

Quick Wins are daily challenges within the game that reward you with a sticker pack upon completion. By consistently completing enough challenges throughout the week, you can also earn rare sticker packs as additional rewards.

7. Community Chest

In the game, if you open a community chest with nine or more friends, you'll have a chance to win even more rare sticker packs. Additionally, landing on a friend in the Community Chest can also earn you stickers as a reward.

8. Complete color settings

Completing color sets in Monopoly Go grants you a free reward wheel spin, which is an excellent opportunity to earn stickers. Moreover, when the wheel boost is active, you receive two spins upon completing a color set.

In Monopoly Go, completing color sets entails building properties on your board. Each property bill adds a house to your board, and once a tile accumulates five houses, it upgrades to a hotel. When the entire color set consists of hotels, landing on it triggers a wheel spin.

9. Exchange stickers with friends

If you possess multiple copies of the same sticker, you can exchange or trade them with a friend, assisting them in their progression. Engaging in sticker exchange with friends is a valuable strategy to facilitate the completion of sticker sets.

10. Reward stickers

The Stickers for Rewards feature enables you to exchange duplicate stickers for a reward. You can access this feature from the Reward for Extras section in the Album menu. This serves as an excellent method to utilize gold sticker cards that are non-tradable.

11. Special events

Be sure to keep an eye out for special events in Monopoly Go. Participate in these events and collaborate with friends to make progress, earning various prizes including sticker packs along the way.

12. Buy Monopoly Go Stickers

The final method on the list to acquire stickers is by purchasing them from the Monopoly Go shop. Here, you can buy sticker packs using real money.

However, it's important to note that this option involves spending real money. We advise against this option, as there are numerous free methods available within the game to obtain stickers.

How to get gold stickers in monopoly go?

Monopoly Go Gold cards are among the most coveted and rarest stickers obtainable in the game, ranking highly among sticker cards. Like other stickers, Golden Cards can be acquired from sticker packs.

In every gold sticker pack, you are guaranteed to receive at least one gold sticker. However, in other sticker packs, the probability of obtaining a gold sticker is very low.

While there are high chances of winning gold sticker cards in limited-time special events and tournaments, achieving a top 3 rank does not guarantee receiving gold cards as rewards.

Nonetheless, utilizing the "Stickers for Rewards" feature proves to be an excellent method for disposing of duplicate gold sticker cards that are not tradable.

That concludes our guide on the various methods to obtain stickers in Monopoly Go! We hope this information proves helpful to you.